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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lisa Pearson who was born in Minnesota on October 17, 1973 and passed away on July 06, 2006 at the age of 32. 

We will remember her forever. Lisa will always be remembered for her wonderful personality, beautiful smile, the way she would make you feel welcome, and that she was genuinely happy to be with you. She always had time for everybody, but we all knew her number one priority, Cole! We know she was looking forward to tee ball and Coley starting Kindergarten.

Lisa's life was perfectly falling into place, she had a new job and was engaged to the love of her life, Mark Traut.  She was never more excited then when she was telling the story about Mark asking her to marry him. She would light up everytime she would talk about life in general or anything that had to do with Mark.  They were perfect for each other, with all the "collecting" and all the fun little games they played.  Lisa will be greatly missed, but there is some solice in knowing that she had risen to the top of her game and had a chance to experience life to the fullest, if only for a short time.
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You are forever in my heart   / Jane Zilka (Aunt)
Time passes, but your memory and smile are not.  I miss you and treasure every moment we had together.  A few days ago Cassie had a son and the same day Robyn had the children up to see Mother in the hospital and was reminded so clearly of ...  Continue >>
MY MESSAGE FROM LISA   / Shelley O'Hara (friend)
Last Saturday night I had a nice time talking to Robyn and Doris sharing memories of Lisa. Lots of tears and some laughter. I shared a dream I had since Lisa's passing with Robyn and she asked me to post this to share with others. A few months after ...  Continue >>
A Mother's Day Thought for You   / Melissa Eiler (Visitor)
note to Robyn   / Gary And Kay Weisbrich (Robyn)
Robyn ,
     We hope that you are doing allright  - your sister will be in your heart, always    God Bless you and your family

Gary and Kay Weisbrich
My favorite   / Amy Tourand (Friend)
I love and miss you every day.  We supported each other through so many hard times.  We laughed, we cried and I will think of you each and every day.  The only thing that gets me by is knowing that you are watching over ...  Continue >>
To Cherry & John and family  / Shelley O'Hara (friend)    Read >>
Having You As A Friend Is A Precious Gift!  / Tracy Herdina (Friend/Co-Worker)    Read >>
Lisa Pearson  / Shelley OHara (friend)    Read >>
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Lisa and Cole Christmas '04
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